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Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post

I honestly think Anthony Johnson has the edge over GSP in the striking department. GSP was able to out jab Koscheck, but Anthony Johnson actually rocked Kosckeck a few times, causing Kos to go for takedowns. If Johnson had sub defense, I somewhat doubt Kos would have been able to hold him down for three rds, and he probably could've won a decision or possibly gottan a Knock out.

People like to complain about the superfight match-up between GSP and Silva, saying Silva's size advantage is too large for it to be a fair fight. Anthony Johnson cuts from 230, so he obviously has a bigger frame than GSP. AJ also has the advantage when it comes to having raw power. I think a BJJ defense Anthony Johnson could probably fend off submissions and possibly get a KO over GSP.

Ofcoarse, this is just a complete assumtion...
I don't think it's even close. Sure AJ has the power advantage but GSP has much, much better technique and footwork. Not to mention GSP has the speed advantage and more diverse striking. Not just that but GSP would use that speed and footwork to jab the crap out of AJ and mix it in with take downs. If it was a 5 round fight at 170 then AJ would have to finish GSP early or he would be dominated in the later rounds. Even if Kos wasn't allowed to sub AJ he could still control him with his better grappling, speed and cardio.
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