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Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post
GSP does have the technique advantage, but he's really not that much better. Speed advantage? And GSP does not have the kicking power the Anthony Johnson has. Maybe GSP's striking arsonal is more diverse, however he no longer uses all of his tools. Anthony also has the reach advantage, so jabbing wouldn't be has easy. Takedowns wouldn't come easily either, however, I do think wrestling would still be his biggest advantage. For GSP to effeciently win the fight, he would have to take (sub defense)AJ down for all five rounds, and I honestly think Johnson has the raw power to end the fight before it goes to a decision. Remember, GSP chin is still questionable.
I highly disagree. GSP is much, much quicker then AJ in just about every way possible. He certainly snaps that jab out there much faster and is plenty fast enough to negate a 2 inch reach disadvantage. AJ has the power to end the fight but if he were fighting GSP he would be winded after round 1 and too slow to even come close to being able to KO GSP after that. I don't think the fight would even be remotely comptetive. GSP would do anything and everything he wanted to do and AJ wouldn't be able to stop it. Especially if he were cutting down to 170, after getting put on his back one time all his hopes would be over. By the end of the fight GSP would be running circles around AJ.
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