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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
It's so interesting how if you don't like 135 lbs and below fights you 'aren't a real fan' but if you dismiss heavyweights as garbage fighters, you're just being realistic.
I'm really, really, really, trying not to say manlet midget mma. I lover the lower weight classes because the represent TALENT!
the last few seasons for the most part have been lacking talent (baring ufc brazil).

While 135 lbs fighters tend to have no power, 265 lbs fighters tend to have bad cardio. It just comes with the territory.
It comes when people with 185 pound frames walk around 50 or more pounds heavy.

The real reason is there are so few HWs (due to the fact, unlike lighter fighters, they actually have other career paths open to them) that if you are good enough for TUF, you're good enough for the UFC anyway. No need for the extended tryout since you aren't competing with as many guys.
Nonsense many washed up football players try mma.

There are literally millions of little 135 lbs guys trying to be MMA fighters, just go to any liquor store on a Friday night and you'll meet 100 of them. Heavy guys tend to be doing other, more profitable things than MMA... Like being garbage men.
so there no hungry talented 200 pound guys in Rio for example who can fight?
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