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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
Awww man I just hate it when people group people together like that. I bet Crusher would come in and be a top 3 FW in the UFC right away. IMO Soo Chul Kim at 20 years old is maybe the best BW prospect in the World right now. He would wreck a good % of the UFC roster right now. That kid just keeps getting better and better and is unusually strong compared to most Asian fighters. Saying those 115lbs couldn't use speed, technique and pace to do something similar to what Mouse did at BW is crazy as well. The top level 115lbs guys are great fighters and often times fight 125ers. These guys are better then most guys sporting those magic 3 letters on their gloves.
I'm n0t very familiar with these 115er you speak of, so I guess I can't say.

This 20 year old kid with a 7-4 record you speak of has no place in the UFC. He is 20 years old. No need to rush him over right this second.

Joe B and Mighty came from fighting Cruz and other very good 135ers and fighting them well. You think Asian circuit 115's would give them a good run? Interesting. Maybe they are that good, I guess I don't know.

But from my experience Asian highly touted fighters are junk. It isn't about being in the UFC. Hioki was he 2nd best 145er in the world based on rank. Because he tooled a lot of irrelevant fighters in Sengoku. He came to the States and was pretty much beat by George Roop, ended up winning by split. He tooled Bart and then laost to Lamas. He isn't terrible, but he is no where near the 2nd best FW. There aren't many instances of Asian circuit fighters coming to the UFC and doing just as well. It is sort of just a fact.

Either way they are assembling talent at that weight as fast as they can. They went right out and signed the best 3 ranked flys outside of the UFC. Most of the 115ers I bet want no part of the UFC. Many are fine with fighting where they are comfortable and a style of opponents that they know .

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