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Originally Posted by Magog View Post
I'm really, really, really, trying not to say manlet midget mma. I lover (sic) the lower weight classes because the (sic) represent TALENT!
the last few seasons for the most part have been lacking talent (baring ufc brazil).
I'm guessing the part in bold is supposed to be my internal monologue or something? That`s cute I guess.

Originally Posted by Magog View Post
It comes when people with 185 pound frames walk around 50 or more pounds heavy.
Overeem, Werdum, Bigfoot, Shane Carwin, Frank Mir all have 185 lbs frames? Because they're all HWs who have gassed in fights.

The argument can be made also that a lot of guys currently fighting at 135 or 145 lbs could have a lot more power if they stopped cutting so much weight and fought at their natural weight classes instead. Like the HW fighters do.

Originally Posted by Magog View Post
Nonsense many washed up football players try mma.
There`s like 6.

Originally Posted by Magog View Post
so there no hungry talented 200 pound guys in Rio for example who can fight?
Sure there are. And they`d be fighting at 185 or 170lbs like all the other 200lbs fighters.

HW fighters are a rare breed. GOOD HW fighters, who actually want to fight at HW instead of LHW are even rarer.

There are loads of good lighter weight fighters, there a less good HW fighters, there`s room for both. But the laws of supply and demand dictate that the competition to get into the UFC at the lighter weights will be tougher. There are simply more small guys who want to fight MMA than say, play basketball, football, etc because they're just too small to compete there. HW guys, on the other hand, being a rare breed (especially athletic ones) will have more options to make more money playing in those other, more established sports.

And finally, this isn`t democrats vs republicans, let`s try not to be so openly hostile, eh? I'm not attacking your way of life, I'm just voicing my opinion about sports on a sports forum.

Edit: Just realized you started this thread. Why did you start a thread asking a question if you didn't want answers?

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