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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
Sorry, I can't take you seriously.

Lets take a look at his last fights;

1. Jake "eye-poke" Sheilds. It's hard to blame GSP for not finishing this fight with Shields pawing at his eye all night. GSP sill won easily with one eye.

2. Josh "one-eye" Koscheck. This is the only recent fight that I feel GSP didn't get a finish when he could have.

3. Dan Hardy. Props to him for not tapping, even though the armbar was just slightly off.

4. Alves. GSP fought with an injured groin and still won.

5. BJ "throw in the towl" Penn.

6. Fitch - props to him for not giving up, most people would have given up from that beating.

GSP is going to finish Condit.
You can't take facts seriously? GSP used to be a finisher. But hasn't been for a long time.

1. Shields is tough to finish anyway, no harm there.

2. He made Kos not be able to see out of 1 should finish a guy with 1 eye. Paulo Thiago found that KO.

3. Dan Hardy. Well it has been said that GSP applied that armbar completely wrong. There is a video of Renzo Gracie explaining how GSP should have executed it. Never the less, who care about that 1 armbar? GSP should have had a handful of deep sub tries on Hardy. Hardy couldn't stop a TD, is about a blue belt, and couldn't get up. And was more gassed. Find a way. Hardy is a C level fighter.

4. Alves is tough to finish.

5. He didn't even finish Penn. Penn is just never in shape and he quit. That was his last "finish" and it wasn't really a finish.

6. Fitch got beat to a pulp. Odd that GSP can do that to a guy like Fitch and Kos but doesn't seem like he has that extra to put them away?

7. Matt Serra: his 2nd to last "finish" it was Serra not answering knees to the body and turtling up basically giving up.

Excuse me for saying he isn't a finisher. But he isn't. His last 2 finishes weren't by sub or TKO/KO. It was because 1 doesn't care to be in MMA shape. And the other loves pasta. Both basically gave up. And both were ballooned up 155ers. His 2 finishes of this era were over 155ers.

I'm sorry if you can't take me serious, but I'll stick with what I said. GSP isn't a finisher. Didn't think it was that wild of an idea.
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