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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
It's not that. It's that people who don't think he's guilty are telling him to stfu because it makes him look bad.
For example you ask me if I murdered someone and I respond,


is much better than

"I'm sick of questions like this, it's annoying, it ruins my routine I wish you'd just leave me alone"

every single word he utters on the matter makes him look worse. The best way to handle it was how Brock Lesnar did, saying no and then not talking about it more, made him seem not guilty.
Well that's quiet a bit different since being asked a question isn't the same as being woken up in the morning while you are trying to sleep.

I know when I am being woken up in the morning I find it annoying. He is just stating a fact. If he was saying stuff like "I'm not sure if I want to go through with this vada testing cause they are waking me up out of nowhere in the morning" then I'd be suspicious too. But I don't see why pointing out that something annoying is annoying is suspicious.

I'd probably be more suspicious if he was acting like he loves surprise wake up In the mornings to take pee tests. At that point I'd wonder if he is compensating for being guilty.

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