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Day Ten
I was able to hit 90 pushups tonight a new best during the warmups. I ended up doing 5x50 crunches. I took a little breather while waiting for the last 5-10 crunches took place while the team did that last little bit.

My left ankle was acting up and did part of the jog before the warmups.

After the warmup circuit Jeff had us shadow-box for 10 by 3 minute rounds with a 30 second rest. I worked with a guy named derek a 215 pound guy. We did what I'd seen a few other guys had done in one of the sessions. You are sparring the other guy without actually hitting.

I enjoyed working on this, it was very benefical for me because I haven't really developed any kind of footwork skills. I remember I cut him off a few times and went on the attack with jabs.

One of the times I cut him off I went in with a flurry of jabs, he covered up I threw off a volley of hooks to the head, a few body hooks.

Overall the light sparring was very good.

After this I was paired with a kid named rickey for 10 4-minute rounds with a 30-second rest. We worked pads 50-50.

at the end of the night we did a pushup ladder. I picked 10, so 10 1-2's then pushups.

On one note I believe I have dropped about 2 pounds since last week.

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