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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
Most celebrities do dumb stuff. The fact that you know he did that stuff shows he is of rather high status.

Rampage has reached a certain level of fame, but claims to be paid nowhere near as much as others in that group. I don't know their bank accounts so I have no opinion, personally I believe many UFC fighters are paid way more than we think. But it's definitely not on the level of other sports and I think Rampage feels he's a star of MMA, which he is, and his income should grow with the sport he helped build.

I have no idea, I just like watching the guy fight.
All of them do, but let's be real, he brought that one on himself.

It's well known they make more than the reported payout shows, Anderson made around seven million for the Chael fight, GSP's said he makes about five million.

But Rampage isn't in that company anymore, he had the title he lost it, he earned his way back and he got humiliated. The reality is this though when it comes to Rampage outside of the win over Machida he hasn't done nothing really big in the last four years and it should be noted that the only reason he beat Machida is because he's the guy who went for takedowns and clinched with him. There's nothing wrong with that, he certainly deserved to win, but this is the guy who constantly bitches about wrestlers yet he was the one who stalled and started the clinching and takedowns in that fight, when they didn't clinch and they did exchange we all saw who won that and it wasn't Rampage. That is a lot of my problem with Rampage he always goes on about wanting a striker but he wanted absolutely no part of a gun shy Machida on the feet.

Let's just call a spade a spade, we'll see how much he truly has left against Glover but unless we see the guy who fought Dan Henderson tooth and nail in one of the best fights of all time and the guy that knocked out Chuck Liddell his UFC career is going to come to a very, very gruesome end. He's wanted someone who will stand bang with him, it looks like he's found that guy, the question is, will he stand and bang?

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