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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
When was the last time GSP displayed an impressive performance anyway?

Oh yeah, guess none of those were impressive. You know absolutely destroying 3 top WW fighters...

GSP may not have had the most exciting past few fights but no one can argue that he hasn't been impressive. He has absolutely destroyed his opponents, imo he hasn't lost a round since his loss to Serra in 2007(some argue that Shields stole a round or two but I didn't see it) and he has won multiple 10-8 rounds... And in 2 fights he has had significant injuries to deal with(groin against Alves and eye against Shields).

His now 9 fight winning streak has been nothing but impressive... Like I said before maybe not that exciting at times but definitely impressive. No other fighter dominates fights the way he does and no other fighter has won as many fights as he has while not even coming close to losing.
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