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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
I'm not saying he's on them at all. I always give them the benefit of the doubt.

It's like at a real job, you never want to complain, ever. If you have the crappiest day at work you never want to complain, if there's a problem you deal with it like a grown up but complaining about anything never ever provides positive results. The reason is it taints people's perspective of you, it lets them think the negative things about you that they want. It's a chink in the armor, it lets the haters hate. I know it seems stupid but you can work your way up the ladder in most companies by always being positive, if you are the best at your job and bring a negative attitude you'll get fired eventually if your negative attitude starts effecting other people. If somebody knocks on your door for a random drug test you piss in the cup, close the door and get on with the day. That one comment will incriminate him to all the BJ nuthuggers that want a reason to hate on Rory.

If he was asked a question he should have said that he pissed in the cup and then forgot about it even if it ruined his day. If there's anything he can do about it sure make a fuss and bring it up with people who have the power, but that's not at all what he accomplished.
Honestly man we are just gonna have to agree to disagree on this. I consider your comparison incredibly silly/ridiculous so that pretty much confirms that we wont see eye to eye on this.

Vada has nothing to do with the UFC. They dont pay Rory. Rory does not have to impress them. He does not work for them.

The only reason he is a part of it is because it was a stipulation BJ Penn put out there and Rory wanted to fight BJ so he chose to accept. Not to mention that if Rory backed out of it then everyone would be accusing him of doing steroids. So he really had no choice but to put up with it and say okay. He probably found the whole thing annoying to begin with.

So he is just giving us an honest answer of what he thinks about being randomly woken up in the morning to take a piss test. And for a fighter a good nights rest is almost as important as the work out itself.

The people who think thats any type of evidence that he does steroids have their minds already made up on him.
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