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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Not everyone sees it the way you do.
Oh, absolutely.

Originally Posted by Voiceless View Post
A lot of finishes are lucky shots with one or both fighters swinging for the fences and one strike luckily hits the right spot. Relying on luck doesn't impress me that much, in those cases I find St. Pierre's sheer dominance more impressive. A different thing are finishes were the fighter really is aware of the fighting situation, in control of the situation or at least of himself and consciously puts the other guy away (i.e. Anderson Silva, submission wins generally).
Agree with you, but the thread itself is about GSP and Anderson, so I did not consider lucky shots. Anyway, swinging for the fences is not only a lucky move, it is for some, a legit and very efficient technique. It's comparing a pistol vs a machine gun. Each weapon will have its application. When Vitor or Wand start(or used to...) to swing, their opponents will be the lucky ones IF NOT being caught by one to the face.

Just to erase any doubt. When I asked when was GSP last impressive victory I didn't mean he never had one. I just don't like his burocratic style.

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