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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Luck isn't measured by how determined you are to make some thing happen, it's measured by how likely and how often you are able to do that one thing.

For example, I'm a terrible darts player. If I went into a darts game and my intention was to hit the bullseye with my first shot and I actually hit it, that would be considered an incredibly lucky shot. It doesn't matter if it was my intention to hit the bullseye and I hit it, what matters is the likely-hood of me hitting that bullseye consistently. The chances are very slim, because I'm rubbish.

Matt Serra KO'ing GSP could be considered an example of a lucky finish. Here's a guy with no proven real KO power who comes into the fight as a huge underdog and KO's George in the first round. Sure, he intended to KO George, but how often is he likely to pull that off? Not very likely at all.
MMA is an unlikely sport. They are big well trained men who punch eachother with 4oz gloves. There is no exact science. Is Mir lucky to sub Nog because in most instances they would cancel eachother out? Or was he just better on that night and there was no luck involved?

It has something to do with practice. Does it not? I refuse to call something that men practice luck. It is their life. They drill it over and over and over again.

Matt Serra's finish is certainly more "lucky" than Anderson making Bonnar look foolish. But I wouldn't call it "luck". Silva is simply the better fighter and striker. Matt Serra wasn't trying to take GSP down that night. He was looking to catch him. And he did. he practiced how he would punch GSP in the face, GSP wilted, and he did it.

In a team match. Lets say basketball. The NBA. The Miami Heat should be way better than the Nets. They may be HUGE favorites. But if the Nets beat them that night is is considered "luck"? Why because they aren't the better team? They practice every day to outscore their opponents using offense and defense. It wouldn't be luck.

Fighters aren't machines. It isn't lotto tickets where there are so many winners on scratch offs. You have to factor in how good they fight on a particular night. A fighter may have a great night and his opponent may have fought no where near his capability. It is who brings it on a given night.

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