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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Some things can't be compared like that.

How many Half Court shots are attempted in a game? How many punches to the chin are attempted in a fight?

When a guy is standing 3 feet from you and KO's wasn't really luck. He is expecting to hit you in the chin. When an NBA player makes the only half court shot he attempts in a game all year...he is shocked it was sort of luck. Can the same average Joe make that shot at the same % as Lebron James? No. There is mass skill involved to get it there and on line.

There may be luck involved in a KO. But the vast majority is skill/intention. The luck is more in what your opponents defense is. You may throw a power shot, but if he defends like an idiot you were lucky he did.

Fighters practice punching fighters in the face every day for a majority of the day....whether it is GnP or striking.

Basketball players, while they do "practice" full court shots, it in no way compares to the practice MMA fighters put into punching and KOing their opponent.

So the 2 situations are really in no way comparable. Practice makes perfect they say. One is practiced on the daily. The other is fooled around with, not really stressed by coaches and trainers to bother practicing.
I'm simply countering the point that simply because you intended to do something it means it wasn't lucky. Obviously a basketball shot isn't like an MMA fight but the principle remains across both actions.

Your'e basically saying that landing a KO punch is easier than a half court shot, which is irrelevant. I used the half-court shot analogy to make more lucid the fact that intention has nothing to do with luck inherently (though it is often necessary to intend something in order to make it happen).

Of course you train to throw punch and connect. But fighters also train not to be punched and to defend. Its about relative skill, not absolute skill. Its hard to make a half court shot, and its hard to KO someone better than you are.

The fact that it is supposedly easier to get a KO works against your argument as well, because it means it is also easy to be KOed, and thus not KO your opponent.

Just because you want, just because have trained to throw a punch, or trained to shoot a basketball, the chances are against you. If you happen to succeed, despite these chances being against you, we generally call that luck. The fact that you wanted to succeed, and in the moment wanted to do what you did, has no bearing on the fact that is was luck if looked at in isolation.

Essentially, can you say you would be able to pull that KO the majority of the time if you fight 10 times in the same conditions? If the answer is no, then its mostly luck.

Again, I'm just countering the argument that because intention is there, it isn't lucky. I'm not saying a KO against the odds is ENTIRELY lucky. A fighter needs to have skills, power, perserverence, endurance, or whatever other factors helping him, but this is all relative to his opponent.
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