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Originally Posted by duckyou666 View Post
Well..., assuming the fact he never once said anything about the test themselves, only how and when they are taken, you example is stupid.

A less stupid form of your example would be, midday during your free time, you are questioned, "Did you murder someone?" You answer calmly and politely, "Nope."

You are woken up early in the morning, "Did you murder someone?" "No I didn't ******* murder someone! Why the **** are you bothering me with this dumb shit? Leave me the **** alone!"

To summarize, being annoyed or pissed off by the timing of something does not mean you have a problem with that thing in itself. I'm willing to bet that if they would've brought him in for testing during lunch or after, he'd have no problem with it.
this. Nailed it right there. It is just the timing he was frustrated about. I hate being waken up in my sleep for stuff that can safely wait for another couple of hours. If I, who mostly does nothing but sit in front of a computer for most of the day, hate it that much, a guy who practices his heart out and is counting on a good night's sleep would be much more frustrated.
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