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Well Hex, I bothered arguing because I was defending myself, verbally of course. What I didn't mention was that he and his buddies were talking about how Brazil had too many different minorities and I just corrected him saying he was one of the minorities technically. I am no bigot, but Brazilian men are not very well in the head I think.

I believe you both may have misconstrued my thoughts, I have met MANY Brazilians, maybe too much. I think that their women are a bit over the top, but some are nice. I like Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, they seem like intelligent gentlemen for Brazilians, but I suspect that is due to their combined ancestary of African upbringing and Japanese (Anderson Silva's father is black african, and his mother is back cuban who settled in Brazilian. Lyoto Machida is half Brazilian and half Japanese)

All i'm saying is that I think Brazilians should represent themselves better. I am a proud German, our history is not as bad as people think.
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