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what a pointless debate, you cant quantify luck, we cant even prove its existence, maybe what we call luck is something else, maybe luck does exist but you create it, thats why some ppl are lucky and some arent...if that were the case then luck would be a skill (i actually do think elite fighters also have luck as a skill)

but still its pointless since no1 can ever really say this or that was lucky, we dont even know the intentions of the blows thrown, not every punch is thrown to end a fight, i remember watching a couple of fights in wich the fighter that won said "i didnt throw it to KO him but i saw that he got rocked so i went for the finish" sure he hit him like he intended to but if the fighter admits that he didnt throw the strike with power to end the fight, but it still did...i guess you could maybe call that luck if you believe in luck but even then its still up for debate, some1 else could simply say it was destiny
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