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Originally Posted by Iuanes View Post
And these were precisely things outside of Serra's control and arguably worked in his favour. This isn't about how lucky if at all, Serra was, but determining that dumb, at the moment intention, somehow nullifies the luck factor.
How is age and factors such as GSP's confidence luck? It is purely aspects of the fight. That is what happens to over-confident young fighters. All fighters have a wake up moment. How is that luck? I'm not following this at all.

And the fact of what would happen out of 10 times doesn't hold any weight. No one in the sport does that. It is all based on 1 night. Some guys bring it some guys don't. That is why I say they AREN'T MACHINES. It isn't a slot machine, it isn't how many times it hits out of 10 or 100.

Take it for what it is. It was Serra training to take GSP's head off. It was GSP thinking Serra was no match. It was the vet landing a punch and knocking GSP down. It was what he intended to do. Just because a less striker loses. Or lesser fighter loses. Doesn't mean it was luck. Serra was the better fighter that night. He found GSP's chin and GSP let him do so. Serra won the fight like he trained for months to accomplish.
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