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Wrong. I am Aryan. A proud one too. Nothing wrong with taking Pride in one's heritage.

Like I said before, I am sure there are some nice Brazilian people, but the ones I have come across haven't been so. I went to Portugal onces, where I met a few Brazilian guys. They seemed nice at first, one even offered to buy me a Whopper, though I politely declined because he didn't have enough money to buy me a Vanilla shake with it, and I often need to was that stuff down with a Vanilla shake. But afterward that stuff finished, they both started looking at me in a peculiar way. At first I wondered if they were messing with me, but then they both turned to each other, smiled, and then turned their gaze back towards me and SPAT in my face. I was too shocked to do anything so I called the police and told them I had been assualt, but the Portugese police were not prepared to do anything incase they upset their relationship with Brazil.

These guys were MMA fighters too, just so you know. Or at least training to be. Now, if you guys know nice Brazilians, your lucky. Myself and most of my fellow countrymen aren't so lucky however.
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