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Day Eleven - Private
I had an early shift 6am-2:30 at work today. I knew Jeff and Brad were going to omaha for a private session at another gym.

I had asked jeff if I could join in, and I got to the other gym at 5pm. I got my wrap and gloves on and worked on a bag for about an hour working two or three minute rounds. I didn't really go for power or speed, just connecting and doing damage.

When Jeff got to the gym I decided to sit back for a bit while he warmed up. Once he was warm we proceeded to another portion of this gym that was lined with glass and had a wrestling mat.

One of the guys from the boxing gym were at poked his head in and joined in on our Thai Session.

Brad had us work on a front teep kick, no chamber to the teep like a push-kick. just up and out.

We worked into a front teep then transition into a rear roundhouse to the leg.

There was a lead knee to the body technique where you'd step off to the right with my right foot forward then knee.

From here we worked on a angle attack where you do the step then throw a right hook that traps the left hand then you throw up a half clinch with the palm of the left hand grabbing the neck. From this point you throw the left knee.

After we were done with this Jeff had gone out to the main gym, and he and I rolled in the boxing ring.

He's about 5'8" or so and 170-75, I'm 5'11" 175-80.

We are almost perfect partners in size and weight!

He is a natural wrestler with knowledge of Bjj.

I cannot describe how he took me down twice but all I can say I was airborne.

The 1st roll he got me down, I managed to scoot back and sit on my rear for a moment and shot my left in for guillotine choke, I am not sure why I wasn't able to get the gable grip right.

On the 2nd roll he had a double leg into a high crotch takedown from what brad was thinking. All I know is when he shot in I sunk the guillotine in and went airborne. I landed on my back and was locked in still and tried to yank my left hand tighter, but it still didn't do any good.

On the 3rd roll he'd shot in but, I had pulled a sprawl off on him and had a front lock with my left, I didn't have anything going so I tried something completely alien to me! I let go of the neck and tried to do a transition from the front head-lock to a rear-mount... somewhere in the transition he blocked it. I have no clue how we got into the position but, I was on my right shoulder and had a key-lock on his right arm. I was thinking I could potentially get the kimura on him from this point, but we went into the ropes...and they had us move from this point.

So once we did, we weren't in the same setup and he advanced and defeated me.

Man alive did I have a damn good night, I learned a lot of new attacks with the Thai, and have a very competent sparring partner for BJJ.

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