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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
I always kinda lol'ed at the whole aryan thing, since aryans are descended from the middle east and were as dark as anyone else from the region.
I don't want to patronise you but I believe you should educate yourself a bit more. That's one ill conceieved notion of the term 'Aryan'. I prefer the Nordic views on it, which would be my views.

This is too much maybe they don't like you because of the way you act and speak. You sound like a snobby stuck up person who from the sound of it is pretty racist. Not to mention you seem to have met a few Brazilian but have never met one in Brazil and now exactly do you know they are Brazilian? Perhaps you should shower.
There is no need to be offensive. I am not snobby or racist. I have simply stated that the Brazilian people I have come across upon have been less than humane to me.
Why should I have to go to Brazil to get a conclusive verdict on Brazilian people? You telling me that the only nice people in Brazil are the ones that live there? Somehow I doubt that. I have no intention of going to Brazil, however, I am going to Mexico for Christmas with my wife, though i'm a bit worried because I hear a lot of Mexican people are just like Brazilians in nature.

Also, why should I shower? I have daily baths just fine, thank you. No need to get angry, we can figure these things out together.

Brazillians are a proud and passionate culture. I believe they abide by the adagio of "giving respects to get respects." Which means you may have given off a different vibe. My advice is to play it koo. If it's unprovoked then it could be an isolated incident.
Look, the video you posted were of younger, more innocent Brazilians saving those Dolphins. They look more like young teenagers. Of course they will do sweet things like save Dolphins. Even Mexican and African people like to look after pets. This does not prove that they can adapt to being nice, cultured people in the company of a educated nordic. Even Nazi culture had pets, doesn't mean anything. Please provide me with a little more substantial evidence of Brazil's intellect and grace that doesn't involve topless, idealistic teenagers saving a damn dolphin from the beach.

Your brother, Todd Keuneke payed a visit to this forum recently. He is gone now and you should follow him.
I have no idea who this is. I'm not sure what you are implying.
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