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Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post
You must be joking. In what way did Koscheck out strike Johnson? It's not like Koscheck was winning the stand-up and just decided that "Welp, I'm just gonna take him down". He was getting rocked, and he needed to get takedowns in order to expose Johnsons weakness, otherwise, he was probably going to get KO'd.
Koscheck was mixing it up really well in that fight. It was probably one of his best performances. He was getting the better of AJ on the feet throughout most of the fight and then he would mix it up and shoot for the takedown.

I remember my friend who at the time thought no one in the WW division was going to out-strike AJ saying "Well i really didnt expect Koscheck to beat him on the feet".

Il REwatch the fight again tomorrow cause im going to give you the benefit of the doubt that AJ made it competitive. But im fairly certain that Koscheck was getting the better of the exchanges.
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