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I keep having to make this argument with Pride's old fan base.

I'm not talking about a magical, ideal fantasy world.

I'm talking how the majority, of judges score a fight. And at the end of these arguements I hear a groan and a sadly yes.

no... No it's not sadly yes. it's been that way FOR EVER in 10 point must. there are a hand full of acceptions, but the vast majority on top the guy on top wins the fight.

Bas still rattles on about "this is how it is."

It would be one thing if he said "this is how it should be."

Because of people like him BSL and his mindless legions of drones think Bas rules are a real thing.

It's one thing when say a Maro Renallo whines about the current state of mma rules and scoring, fine,

but at least he doesn't mis represent the rules.
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