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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Well your 2 cents doesn't mean much.

Hype job? How can a 41 year old who has been in the sport over a decade be any sort of hype job? What on earth are you babbling about?

He absolutely destroyed Shogun until he gassed in the 4th round, because he is focking 41 years old and doesn't take rounds off. DESTROYED. Last I checked Shogun was a top 5 LHW. Last I checked he beat Machida twice.

Clueless you are.

I see visions of the Page/Machida fight. Which AIN'T NO FUN to me.
News to me, I was under the impression they were 1-1. When did they overturn the main event of UFC 104 when Machida got a hard fought win?

This isn't gun-shy coming off his first loss by KO Machida, what's Hendo gonna do? Rush him and stay in his face? Yeah, like he has the cardio or speed to do to Machida.

His game plan has become terribly obvious over the last fews, inside leg kick/over hand right. It works for him so it's not like you can criticize him, but to think it'll work on potentially the fastest light heavyweight out there, one of the most tactical fighters in the history is asinine. He has nothing to really threaten Machida with other than that or pull a Rampage and put him up against the cage and try to hold him there for dear life.

Henderson will run into a knee or a stiff punch, and his pattern of getting dropped will continue but this time, he won't get up. If Shogun would actually do something besides desperation heel hooks he could probably have subbed Hendo, if Machida gets him down he'll go for something and it should be noted, only three men have finished Henderson, Big Nog, Lil' Nog, and Anderson Silva, all three are training partners of Machida so Machida definitely has some good insight going into this one, add in the fact he's faster, maybe even stronger at this point of the game, and better technically it's gonna be a real tough haul for Hendo to over come.

Dan is great but this a nightmare match up for him.

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