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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
For example, I'm a terrible darts player. If I went into a darts game and my intention was to hit the bullseye with my first shot and I actually hit it, that would be considered an incredibly lucky shot. It doesn't matter if it was my intention to hit the bullseye and I hit it, what matters is the likely-hood of me hitting that bullseye consistently. The chances are very slim, because I'm rubbish.
Not disagreeing in any way. I just would like to use this example to share a thought.
That was a good exemple for a lucky shot, but if you were allowed in that very game to throw several darts in a minimum period of time, the probability of hitting the bull's eye would increase dramatically and luck would be less significant then. So, to throw several darts, if allowed, would be a valid techinique to achieve your goal: bull's eye or KO punch.
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