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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Ok point one thing about her that is above her male contemporaries in terms of skill, athletic ability, or technique.

I'll wait.
Your'e right, its precisely because they are women that makes women's MMA worth watching. But there's nothing wrong with that.

Youre coming from a perspective that female fighter's arent worth watching because they don't match up to males, but you don't understand the perspective that its a new and interesting division of MMA precisely because women are different and we can finally see the other half of humanity tested in combat. The whole point of martial arts is excelling within your limitations; the female physiology has its strength and weaknesses apart from men's and its going to be fascinating to see how the women's game evolves.

Like, mens MMA isn't made pointless by the fact that all of them would lose to a gorilla in a fight, woman's isn't made pointless by the fact that they would lose to men.

If youre talking about skill, well, be patient. If you judged the first UFC by today's standard, todays standard would never exist because the sport would never grow. Similarly, you can't expect female fighter's to have as deep a level of skill as the men because they haven't been around as long, and aren't as well paid.

Lastly, you sound like basically have your period. Not liking something is one thing, shitting all over it like you're in a mood swing is another.
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