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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
It's evident you already have an impression of Brazillians so why debate. I can say the same thing about other cultures from my own experience, but it may not ring true with others. It really won't matter what anyone says, it probably won't change your opinion. You'll have to experience something dramatic hopefully in a positive way before you re-program your mind.

I for one respect the German machine. In fact I own a Hugo Boss suit, shirt, and ties. I use German hair care product; Schwarzkopf. Parent owned a BMW. Germans are about efficiency, but in that pursuit of perfection lies a singular mind state which alienated itself from the rest of the world at one point. Your nation was divided til the dissolution of communism. Point is if you want to talk about race every culture has their strengths and weaknesses throughout the dawn of time. You know your own history dating back to the Nordic Bronze Age with the Germanic tribes, Roman Empire, German Confederation, NP, the Wall, and finally reunification. I don't think I need to expand on this. You can't single handedly point out that group A is such and such therefore they all fall into that category. If that were the case then imagine what the world would say about Deutschland.

The fact that you base your opinion on one remark from a certain group shows a parochial vision would you not agree.

I'm going to end this by posting a funny jpeg from a board member who posted it not too long ago.

Take it for what it is...

I must say that this is by far the most intelligent and well thought out response in this thread. Thank you No-Mercy for making me think twice about giving up on this board.

Yes, us Germans are very much about effiency, you are right. Everything we do is systematic...including our role in WW2. The way we did things too immense skill and procision. It may sound like i'm proud of such things, and to an extent, I am proud that we pride ourselves on effiency and being cerebral. Yes, it led to unfortunate historical acts, but we are past that now. I think we've atoned for our sins now.

You are also right that I won't change my mind about my thoughts regarding certain cultures. Just like I can't change yours or other members minds about certain people. Such views are opposition, imo. Though still, I respect you for talking about it in an amicable and respectful and intelligent way. The same cannot be said for your other members, however.

So there really isn't anything to add other than I am again sorry if I insulted anybody, especially you No Mercy. You seem like a nice respectable man. Where are you from??

As for the others who responded..I think it's in my best interest that I don't comment anymore. I didn't realise everybody here was so sensitive. But that's fine, I can't expect everyone to behave like decent normal human beings.

Anyways, if there is anybody here reading this, who shares my views on the world, please don't hesitate to send me a PM. We can discuss these things privately like adults without fear of persecution and labelling. If you want to join me, PM me, if not, don't send me anything.

Thanks again No Mercy.
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