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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
He has amazing timing.

Not sure why so many people are saying Machida by a mile. It could happen, as Machida is quick as hell and could make Hendo look slow.

But who has this "new Machida" fought? He beat a crusty Randy Couture with 1 leg into retirement before the fight was made. He beat the GREAT Ryan Bader. Beforehand he lost a dec. to Rampage.

If anyone is being overrated here it is Machida. Hendo isn't Ryan Bader.

Styles make fight. And Machida's style may very well be hard for Hendo to figure out.

But surprised to see so many people write off Hendo when he has been on one of the better runs of any LHW not named Jon Jones. When he destroys Shogun for the first 3 rounds it wasn't anything special. Giving 20lbs in size he was the first ever to KO Fedor. Knocked the F out of Feijao a 10 top or near top 10 LHW with good stand up. Those aren't special.

But Machida's win over Ryan Bader and Randy Couture were some how impressive as hell.

Their performances speak for themselves.

Henderson was dropped by Feijao, Shogun, and Fedor. Certainly no pillow fisted strikers in that group but while he was getting dropped, Machida's last two wins have been flawless and he was the first guy to tag Jones where as many feel Jones/Hendo would be extremely one sided and Henderson would have no success at all against him.

For me though, the match up speaks for itself. Hendo's strategy isn't a big secret but I don't believe he has the cardio or speed to stay with Machida. It has nothing to do with one guy being over hyped or overrated I just think Hendo is tailor made for Machida.

I myself would love to see Machida take this one to the ground and try and wear him out and get a submission which I think he can do, I think he'd sail through Hendo if he did that and thus he would eliminate Henderson's only real chance(s) of winning.

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