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Day Ten Part One
I had a private session with brad and jeff in omaha at 1pm.

Brad was behind us by an hour or so.

Meanwhile I worked on moving around the boxing ring, and throwing the knees while watching the mirrors.

I had asked jeff to show me a takedown. He taught me the basics of a double leg.

I mixed in work on the front teep and right roundhouse on a bag.

For an hour this is what happened.

We worked on the triangle choke, defense to it, and side mount control.

At the end Jeff and I rolled once.

Jeff and I stayed on our feet a little more than last night combined I feel, a bonus for me.

I had some hand fighting mixed into the standing grappling, I walked forward and mimed the movements we used for the switch knee, and tried to shoot for 2 takedowns which were stuffed. I tried a final one but got caught up in jeff's wrestling base and was taken down.

for awhile he had my back, I grabbed my neck with my left hand to combat the rear-naked choke. somehow I got leverage and rolled off to the right 3-4 times, and once back to the left.

he'd got his hooks in by this time, i got a few of them out with my right hand. After this it was oriented more to sinking the choke in on me. he got the left in, but I somehow remembered one of the defenses brad has tried to drill into my mind grab the attacking wrist and pull down and away. I managed to do this! tried to move around but was dominated. jeff tries again and I get the arm partially free of my neck, when he decided to attack my nose with the choke.

his elbow was covering my mouth and his forearm in my nose, couldn't breathe for a few seconds....somewhere he moved the forearm low and around the neck and got me.

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