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might aswell put my two bobs worth in!

I am 32 and have smoked on and off since i was 15. Like alot of other drugs it depends on the person taking it but i can say it has had a PROFOUNDLY positive inmpact on my like

i have been a disability support worker for over 5 years and have a crappy arts degree. i have played soccer at a decent level since i was young and have now been coaching over 10 years

my coaching career is on the rise and im now coaching a group of talented older kids. not bragging just pointing out what you can still do well even being a semi-pro smoker lol

my mental ability is at an all time high (pardon the pun) and seems to be ever improving

weed has been good for insight and reflection etc (though i dare say there are other drugs that trump it in that department) but ive just had soooo many good times with it, and find that i can get what takes about an hour of meditating in one puff!

i generally smoke most nights and weekends (an ounce will last me 3 months though). when i have kids i will cut down so i can be more alert in the middle of the night


if your not self aware it can get in the back door and be a catalyst for some depressive momentum

if you smoke loads its expensive and probably bad for your lungs etc

what a good topic! i could chat about it for hours. i will say that growing up in the weed capital of australia has its advantages

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