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Darryl Cobb vs. Brett Cooper

R1: Both fighters prod with jabs in a feeling-out period. Cooper shoots 30 seconds in and gets temporarily blocked on a double leg, but stays on it and puts Cobb on his back. Cobb almost squirts free but Cooper contains him and passes to side control. Cooper fishes for a loose kimura as Cobb rolls onto his knees but can't get it and they're back standing. Lead uppercut by Cooper, who's assuming the stalking role while Cobb tries to counter. Cooper nails another takedown but this time punishes Cobb with a downpour of busy strikes. Cooper stays on the trigger with frenetic ground-and-pound, pausing to only capture Cobb halfway through an escape attempt and drive him back down to the canvas.

Great hips by Cobb, who boots Cooper away to make space and then deftly takes a knee to stand. Cooper is relentless and plugs a right hand through before landing another definitive takedown. Serious-business type of ground-and-pound once again ensues from Cooper. The pace slows and Cooper actually stands up despite having side control. He re-engages with more ground flurries to close a strong round. 10-8 Cooper for sheer domination and not a shred of threatening offense from Cobb.

R2: Cooper comes out swinging again but at a much more measured pace. Cobb retreating and having trouble timing his counters. Until now -- he lands a decent right and then flings an uppercut and left hook through. Cooper responds with a power double and, after a short pause to gather himself, more vicious punishment with both hands from the top. Now a short, thwacking elbow to the head and more punches. Cobb seeking wrist control but Cooper is throwing rights and lefts to the body and head.

Cooper keeps the heat on though the punches are higher volume and with less mustard. Cobb's hips are still and his only defense is trying to grab wrist control, and he's taking a beating from his back but starting to trash talk a little with Cooper. Total domination by Cooper once again and almost zero offense from Cobb. 10-8.

R3: Cooper goes jab-hook, Cobb unreels a combo and follows with 2 kicks. Cooper shoots but Cobb finally gets his hips back with an underhook to stay afoot. It's temporary, as Cooper persists and forces Cobb to fight from his guard. Cooper is understandably wearing down after his insane pace earlier but still holding control and staying busy enough with strikes to avoid a stand up.

Cobb is virtually paralyzed from the waist down with his hips frozen to the mat, eating a steady of diet of leather. Cobb finally bursts free with less than a minute left and tries to capitalize with a series of heavy combinations. He gets caught with his feet planted and taken down as the bell sounds. 10-9 Cooper (30-25 Cooper overall).

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