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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Oh I'm not arguing the talent level or potential in that camp, you're spot on about that. But those guys have built their reputations and careers long before coming to blackzilians.

However other than possibly Rashad, since coming to that camp over 90% of those guys have been on the losing end or suspended. If anything, that makes the camp itself and it's training or gameplanning look that much worse. To take that level of talent and make them all suck, the camp must either be colossally bad and disorganized, or incredibly unlucky.

I mean just out of your list, Eddie Alvarez lost his title right after he moved to BZ, Guillard is on a 1-3 losing streak since BZ, Belfort just got his ass kicked by Jones right after he joined, Overeem got busted and suspended right after he joined, Anthony Johnson got cut from the UFC after he joined and so on.
Well you really should rethink that statement.

I just searched all the unknown guys on that list and most of them are actually winning their last few fights. Id say 80% of them.

Vitor Belfort - lost to Jon Jones which probably would have happened no matter what camp he was in. And he put up good fight for someone with a broken hand stepping up on short notice and being a middle weight.

Overeem - we already know how good he is doing. I think he has only been at Blackzillians for his fight with Brock Lesnar though.

Rashad Evans - Lost to Jon Jones. Which again that really doesnt say anything bad about the camp since Jon Jones is the best LHW currently and top 3 p4p. Before that he was on a 4 fight win streak (But correct me if im wrong i think he joined Blackzillians while training for Ortiz??)

Miguel Torres - Yeah his career has gone down hill. And has been for some time.

Anthony Johnson - 4 fight win streak

Matt Mitrione - He is inexpirienced but has 5 wins and 1 loss. And he took time off to train after his loss to Kongo. Too soon to make any definite comments BUT he has a good career for someone so inexperienced joining the UFC. I dont know when he joined Blackzillians. Was it just for the Kongo fight??? (But he probably should have gotten another 2 years under his belt before he fought Kongo)

Tyrone Spong - 1 fight 1 KO win.

Alvarez - 2 fight win streak.

Melvin Guillard - you are correct.
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