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Originally Posted by dudeabides View Post
I just finished watching USA beat Russia 40 to 26 from up north of where Kry lives. I am thinking of staying up all night since I come home so late and the UFC starts so, so early tomorrow morning.
What time does it start ET/PST.

Originally Posted by Leed View Post
Tonight again proved why I like weed better then alcohol. Hadn't drank in a few months, just the occasional joint with a couple of friends. Now, when I wanted to get some drink in me, suddenly everybody around me had some problems to deal with (not with me but overall). Sure, it's not like that all the time, but not once I've had any problems around me when I'm smoking with a couple of buds. Legalize that shit!
Yah liquid courage is what we call it. I was walking home from a poker game and heard someone yelling then he started walking towards me stumbling. So I got my hands out ready. I was we go...fawking 3am and I gotta deal with this bullshiet. So he got in my face and starts saying gibberish...and I studied his facial expression and looked at his hands to see if he had a knife or was ready to swing. Then I said sternly..."do you need help." Then he said yah...but by then it was obvious he was wasted out of his mind so I walked off...lolz! Ya never know...

Now it's time to play some more poker online. :P

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