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Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
He got rocked against Feijao, Fedor and Shogun. Machida is a lot better than any of them at this juncture.

Dan won't be able to take Machida down or clinch with him at all, and he is way out of his league on the feet.

If you want to bet on it PM me. Dan is getting owned.
He could get owned. Or he could stalk Machida for 2 rounds while Machida backpeddles and take a dec. Ala Rampage fight.

One of the reasons I don't like this fight. Hendo and Rampage are similar in what they do. They will stalk you if you aren't stalking them. The Rampage fight was pure garbage.

Hope this one isn't pure garbage. We talk about Machida having flawless victories. Or at least his biggest fan does. But it is easy for Machida to be aggressive vs. guys who have nothing for him. When even an old washed up Page inflicted fear of a big punch, Machida got on his horse.

A lot easier for Machida to look amazing when he has nothing to worry about. Say what you will, but the H-Bomb lands...even if people think Hendo is slow, it lands..there is no denying that.

Like Nick Diaz, people act like it is so bad Hendo gets dropped. Why? It shows he can recover and is generally tougher than his opponents. It shows he is always in a fight and doesn't wilt.

All of those guys were killers. But none had anything that resembles Machida's style. I'm not saying Dan will win. But I find it funny that a guy as tough as Dan, a guy who beat Fedor and Shogun as an underdog (yea, a lot of people, many of you picked Fedor and Shogun in those fight) but I find it funny a guy like THAT is so easily counted out.

He has made all you doubters look stupid the last couple fights. He finds a way. That is fact.
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