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Round 1 - Referee Marc Goddard in the cage for this fight, which sees the crowd firmly behind Kim. Thiago stays outside early as Kim takes the center and shoots quickly in for a takedown. Thiago tries to grab a choke on the feet, but Kim pulls his neck free and scores a toss to the floor. Thiago turns to his knees and Kim jumps on his back. Thiago defends the choke will, but he can't get Kim off his back. Kim punches in spots as he looks for an opportunity to choke. Thiago controls the right arm. Thiago doing a good job of tying things up underneath and slowing down the fight. Crowd doesn't like it. Two minutes left as Kim gets an arm free to punch. Kim squeezing the body with his legs and looking for any way to work thins in. Thiago controls the wrist. It's patient work from Kim. In the final seconds, he squeezes hard on the neck, but Thiago refuses to tap. Thiago remains seated in his corner when the bell rings. sees it for Kim, 10-9. Close to a 10-8, but says no.

Round 2 - Kim takes the center again, but it's Thiago who lands an early low kick. Thiago just misses a powerful high kick, and Kim moves inside shortly after. Thiago looks to attack the left arm with a kimura as he falls to his back. Kim does a great job of keeping his arm tight and avoiding the submission. He also looks to step over to the back, but Thiago prevents the pass and tries to spin into his opponent and stay safe. Kim is relentless on top and remains in control. A kneeling Thiago looks for opportunities to counter, but Kim simply remains patient and heavy on his foe. Kim briefly transitions over to the back but can't secure the position. Thiago feels the danger and scrambles up, but he still can't control his foe. Kim again finishes the round in complete control as he looks for the choke to close, but bell sounds before he can finish. It's another 10-9 round for Kim on the card.

Round 3 - Thiago again open with a kick. Kim does his best Chael Sonnen impression with a wild spinning backfist. He resets in the center as the crowd chants his name. Thiago looks like he's trying to time a counter for a takedown. Kim eventually does bring it, but as Thiago defends, he allows Kim to switch to his back. Thiago tries to defend as Kim latches in both hooks. Thiago leaning forward from his feet as he tries to shake Kim from his back. Kim is high on the back, but he stays firmly on the body. Moderate-paced grappling, but Kim is just in total control on the floor. Thiago can't shake him off, and Kim starts winging in big punches to the body and heads. Elbows come in, as well. Thiago secures the right arm to slow things down, but Kim shakes free and punches more. Double hammerfists from the top. Kim is finishing this in style. Thiago rolls, but "Stun Gun" has done enough to win and please this pro-Kim crowd. Dong Hyun Kim def. Paulo Thiago via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27).

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