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Originally Posted by Vale_Tudo View Post
Obviously a Silva fanboy judging from your reply.
You are probably one of those who thinks JBJ is way to big for Anderson, but somehow thinks he is just a couple inches taller than GSP.

Underground Iphone App, interview with Soares.

And yeah, Id much rather see JBJ fight Anderson just to shut guys like you up.

Actually I cringe at the though of anyone who is a weightclass above somebody calling out someone In a weightclass below, especially a week after he claimed he wanted 1.5 billion to fight the Champ in the weightclass above.

Unlike nancy boy GSP fans or non-Anderson fans, I welcome a Jones/Anderson fight. I would LOVE to see that...are you kidding me? Unlike others I'm not afraid to see my favorite fighters lose.

I just laugh at people that want the Jones/Anderson fight. But think GSP/Anderson is unfair. Anderson isn't intending on laying on GSP. He is intending to punch him in the face. Anderson is the only one of the 3 that can and will make weight under his weight class.

You are the biggest sucker in the world if you thought Anderson was serious. But then again your name is Vale Tudo with a Chael highlight as a picture. So you are obviously a sucker anyway.

He calls out GSP because he is supposedly the 2nd best P4P fighter. Some have him 1. He supposedly used to take Rashad a great LHW wrestler down in practice. So what is the problem here? Scared perhaps?

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