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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
GSP fought BJ Penn twice at 170...didn't meet him anywhere.

He fought Sherk who is a midget even at 155. He fought him at 170...didn't meet anywhere.

He lost to Matt Serra. A Midget 155er. He fought him at 170. He didn't meet him anywhere.

Those are some of his biggest wins. All midgets. All smaller men.

Did you cringe then too? Whats the problem? Scared?
Ok, this is just turned into how my 3 year old argues with me. Im done with you.

Have this so called "GOAT" stop ducking number one contender in his own weightclass, or taking on cans that he can pick and chose and we wouldnt even have this thread.

But again, for anybody else who might read this. Im actually intrigued by this superfight, I just wanted to point out an obvious size difference and how calling out guys in weightclasses below you is pretty douchy and not very GOAT like if you step into the cage at 225lbs and only want to face the bigger 205lb'er if you can have 1.5 billion.

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