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Igor seems like such an unstable guy. First at his weigh in against Webb, he grinds his head right up against Webb's which must have been annoying, but then when Webb touches his face (which I don't blame him for doing), Igor has the nerve to be like "don't touch my @%^$ing face." Igor can give it, but he can't take it.

Then, this second weigh in, he apparently shoves Colton twice and has to be held back. Colton may have said something to provoke it, but he seemed quite calm about the situation so that leads me to believe that Igor overreacted. I guess it's all speculation right now on what actually happened, but two weigh ins in a row where Igor acts like a jerk is an odd coincidence.

On a side note, the fights this season are pretty bad. I'm glad Ricci won against Waters even though I was originally hoping Waters would win. At least Ricci was trying to make the fight exciting. His stand up looked good, but Waters was content on grinding with extremely weak ground and pound. I'm not that against grinding, I just don't like to see people do it very poorly until the point where someone's just holding their opponent down.

Dom basically gave that fight to Ricci. He had the dominant position and you can tell he just dropped back on purpose. He wasn't shoved down, he forced himself down and immediately looked for the triangle. Ricci despite being very tired, he still easily shrugged off any attempts from Waters before they even began. It makes you wonder what Waters was thinking.

Ricci looked good up until he gassed, but that probably has a lot to do with being outside of his weight class, and we all know how intense the training is on the show as well.

Barring maybe (BIG MAYBE, depends on how he performs at his natural weight class) Ricci, I don't expect any of these guys to make waves in the UFC in the near future without dramatic adjustments to their game. I can't blame Dana for not handing out contracts.

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