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Flower Delivery People

My emails to them. what do you think, is this right for a flower company to do? its not like having a package delivered by ups where any day of the week will do

Ok Quite Annoyed,

I asked for the delivery date to be Sunday, I did this for a reason as the girl they are for works on Saturday, I had a whole thing planned making sure she was going to be home on Sunday to be there when they arrived as the whole special thing about having flowers delivered is her opening the door to to the person with the flowers.

Instead they are delivered on Saturday while she is at work, she is then called at work saying the flowers are there and her roommate just had to take a pic from her phone and send it to her while she was at work

If i just wanted to have flowers at the apartment when she got there i would have just went to a regular store/flower shop and bought her some flowers and just dropped them off to her roommate. I paid for the whole idea of the flower delivery person knocking at the door and her being surprised and happy when she opens it and sees flowers.

So now i have the girl going thank you for the flowers but why did you not have them deliver it on my day off or at my work, in which i have to explain that they got the day wrong and the whole convo took away from the experience of having flowers delivered.

She does like the pic of the flowers so i applaud you guys on the quality of flowers but i am quite annoyed with the delivery system you guys have in place

From: "" <>
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2012 5:52 PM
Subject: Regarding your order xxxxxxx to Jessica xxxxxx

This is in response to the email you sent us. We truly apologize for being unable to deliver the arrangement on time but we would like to inform you that we have exhausted all of our resources in order to deliver your arrangement. Deliveries are available in most major cities on Saturday and Sunday. If we are unable to arrange for delivery on Sunday and time permits we will setup for delivery on Saturday, including Birthday and Anniversaries, and Mother's Day Orders. If Saturday or Sunday is not available, then the order will be delivered on the next available day with a note of apology from our company.

Please use the code, "comeback" on your next order with us to receive a discount of $7.50 off your order. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience or distress we may have caused you and the recipient(s). If you would like we can also call the recipient and personally apologize. Please let us know on how you would like us to proceed.



yeah no thanks just will not be doing business with your company, this is by far not acceptable, who in their right mind would think that its ok to deliver flowers not on the day specified, that is why we pay outrageous prices to have them delivered to have the whole experience. No i dont want to have your company call and apoligize what good would that do the whole flower delivery is already ruined and she had to hear that she had flowers delivered by phone. No I dont want your discount code, why would i ever want to part take in your business again if you cant even get the right day of delivery. not that it will matter or put a dent in your guys buisness but i will be sure to tell everyone i Know to never do business with you guys, this is was not ok in the least

I dont need another copy and pasted reply so please dont send one. I just wrote this so you guys would know that this is unacceptable and that is all

From: Just Flowers <>
Sent: Thursday, November 8, 2012 10:16 AM
Subject: Order #xxxxxx at

Dear Jeremiah sealy

Thank you for choosing JUSTFLOWERS.COM for your recent flower and gift order.
We appreciate your business.

Your order number is xxxxxxx

Your order was placed Thursday, Nov 08, 08:16 am PST

Have a question about your order?
Call 800.716.7559 or 213.867.0630. Your order number is xxxxxxx
Visit our online order inquiry page
Deliver on Sunday, Nov 11, 2012
To: Jessica
(edit)took out address

Qty Product Price ExtPrice Item Number
1 My Love $59.99 $59.99 6161

Subtotal: $59.99
Handling: $3.49
Shipping or Service: $13.99
Total: $77.47 Prices are in US currency
Card Message:
Just wanted to be the man to bring a smile to your face

Jeremiah sealy
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