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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
Just finished AC:Revelations and I have to say this franchise is just awesome. The gameplay is fun (although it hasn't changed much from AC1) and I really like all the optional stuff they put in there. Plus it has some of the best storytelling in games ever. Especially in Revelations. Looking forward to the Windows version of AC3.

So I started playing Dishonored now. It's fun so far but there is a lack of non-lethal options in my opinion. Maybe I just didn't find the feature yet but why the hell can't I knock guys out from the front?
There are sleep darts that allow you to take care enemies without killing them if they spot you. You only get 10 of them per mission so you need to stealth your way through most of the level (obviously if going non-lethal), but if you do get caught you have 10 shots to put people down with, which should be enough so long as you don't get caught much.

Been playing more Halo, so far I don't like the gun unlocks, I feel 0 desire to use any weapons other than the default ones. I am able to consistently rank top 3 and often #1 on big team slayer at level 27, and most of the people that I've seen use the default weapons as well.

Also, is it just me or is red handicapped on Ragnarok map? I swear 90% of the time on that map red loses and when I play red I die a lot more than when I play blue. It seems like Blue has higher ground when heading to the middle of the map/sides, more cover and a general better layout to get from place to place.
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