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Originally Posted by BrianRClover View Post
Wow! I'm amazed at some of the comments in this section. A few pages ago I had to stop reading the "copter" guys post simply because of how insanely stupid they were.

Here is a simple fact. If we as MMA fans want MMA to continue to grow, this is an inevitable step. There isn't a sport in the world that hasn't eventually crossed gender boundries, NOT ONE. This isn't 1920, women have every right to compete in this growing sport as any man.

Frankly, I find the fights very entertaining. The smartest thing the UFC could do in the next year would be a woman's version of TUF. To the victors would go the spoils but lets be honest, in the end, you could and would need to take just about all of them.

Also, if they're smart, which they are, they will continue to push fights like they did Tate and Rousey. These women are amazing athletes and sexy as hell, they would be fools not to use that to push their fights to a predominately male crowd. That's not a sexist statement, just fact, and these women are smart enough to know that, that's why they're doing half naked photo shoots all over the internet.

I say, good for them, and bring it on!! Women's TUF, now!!
I hate it when people like you get on their moral high horse and act like you're some progressive intellectual saint. Nobody is saying that WMMA should be illegal, we just don't want to be forced into paying $60 for a PPV that includes women fights that not everybody wants to see. No other sport, including boxing, puts women and men on the same card/event/league. Therefore, your comparison doesn't even hold up.
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