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Originally Posted by EVERLOST View Post
Okay here it is and the reality and alot of what I think people have forgotten and missed. Any womens sport becomes the hottest commodity for about 2 years then what happens? Womens Basketball? They make nothing compared to the men and their fan base is nothing compared to mens. Womens baseball......people seem to forget that it was brought back in the late 90's and is not around anymore. Womens rocketed when Mia Hamm and the girls won the gold.....then went back into obscurity til Hope Solo popped up. Womens football.....yeah they have to put the girls in lingerie to get people to watch it. Its the latest fad and I hope its gone just as quick as it starts. All other womens sports are still more interesting to me than womens MMA. If they make a TUF season its going to be Cyborg or Tate, and Rousey. the whole cast will get a deal. I CANT WAIT FOR A WOMENS CO MAIN EVENT OR MAIN EVENT!!! Said no one ever. No way people rather watch a womens title fight over Ben Henderson, Aldo, Edgar, Guida, Maynard, or Diaz.
Real fight fans will watch it.

Fans of finishes won't, unfortunately, most MMA fans actually favor finishes over the actual competition. Same reason the 125'ers get no respect, many MMA fans aren't real fight fans, they just watch for finishes, not the actual competition. Boxing fans are 100 times better.

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