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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Because it goes farther than Women's MMA.

The 145 lb, 135 lb, and 125 lb fighters are the best athletes in MMA, they're the most technical, the most skilled, and the fastest fighters out there.

But most MMA fans don't care about skill or talent, they just care about who can knock who out or who can choke who out the fastest. I truly can't understand why people criticize over size or gender. All you need to do is look at the reaction to Condit/Diaz, they expect people to just go in and trade with wreckless abandon as opposed to use skill and a gameplan.
You scrutinize fans who appreciate fighters who go for the finish in the octagon and then support fighters who go out there to score points for 3/5 rounds. Then you have the audacity to label yourself as a true "fight fan".

Scoring points and looking to squeak out decisions isn't technically fighting. In a real fight - an actual fight, the two participants are looking to completely break each others' wills, they are looking to fight until their opponent can't take any more and is either KO'd, submitted or simply gives up. In no real fight do two guys go out there and look to out score each other, that simply doesn't happen, that isn't the essence of fighting.

So please don't try and sit on some high horse and patronise fans out there who have more appreciation for fighters who go out there looking for the finish, over "fighters" who's sole purpose is to score points and grind out a decision.

You're not hip, cool or some how more intelligent for supporting notorious decision fighters like Jon Fitch. It doesn't make you any more of a fan than others who prefer to see fighters look for the KO/submission every round of the fight. You're not some how better than any one else because you have this different viewpoint, so please, take your head out of your ******* ass.
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