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I think it should be divided into three categories, contracts, try-outs, cuts. The thing of it is, it's pretty dumb to take the number three organization in MMA and just cut loose an entire pool of prospect's. Fighters develop and just because they don't have a huge name today doesn't mean that a year or two from now they won't be top ten/top twenty guys. The UFC is great when it comes to can't miss blue chippers like Jones, Macdonald, Silva, Dos Santos and Mcdonald but you can't just run the league on one to two prospects, you need diversity and TUF ain't the program it once was. Also Zuffa's been triming the fat from this group for the past two years so their should be little to none guys ready for departure.

No brainer contract guys are clear
HW - Cormier (1), Barnett (2)
MW - Rockhold (3), Jacare (4), Gracie (5), Larkin (6), Anthony Smith (7)
WW - Marquardt (8), Woodley (9), Saffiedine (10), High (11), Mein (12), Santiago (13)
LW - Melendez (14), Thomson (15), Healy (16), Masvidal (17), Green (18)
LHW - all of them, because the UFC is going to need to replace all the guys in this division who are retiring in the next two years. Even if some of these guys suck they can function as enhancement talent because todays glorified punching bag is tomorrows MW contenders (Sonnen, Stann, Boetsch)(27).

MW - Kennedy, Jardine, Lawler, Amagov, Medeiros, Sayers, Trevor Smith
WW - Bowling, Spang, Moore, Mulhern, Voelker, Burrell, Villefort, LaFlare
LW - Evagelista, Noons, Couture, Wilcox, Fodor, Ricehouse, Gurgel, Duarte, Vallie-Flagg, Payan, Hirota, Leonhardt, Martins(28).
-That's 14 fights, though it should be more like 25 as in some cases (WW) those guys could face the lower end guys in the division. Either or you could work those fights in a season(3/4) of events.

MW - Radach, James, Berry
WW - Stinson, Misaki(retired), Stinson, Melancon
LW - Terry, Heun, Bravo(10)
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