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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
It's not really reasonable.

He was holding all 200 dead weight pounds of Machida by his neck.

It's not like he could've let go of the choke and straddled the dude.

At best he could've attempt to catch him if he really wanted to...but hell, it's a goddamn prizefight.
Holding on to someone really isnt hard. If i can do it then i know Jon Jones could do it. All he needed to do was let go of the neck and grab Machida underneath the arm pits. The referee would have been there in a second or 2.

Thats very easy to do. And its a human being thats being dropped on his face. So preventing that by holding on for 2 seconds is extremely reasonable.

He did what he did and thats fine. I really dont think its a negative thing to let Machida drop given the circumstances. But im not going to sit here and act like holding on to the limp body for a couple seconds is unreasonable lmao.

I expected Jones fan boys to act like holding on to Machida for a couple seconds is not reasonable. But i guess someone trying to defend his point of view is just as likely to try and argue that.
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