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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
If Jones keeps Machida up and Machida wakes up and starts to complain Jones haters could call it an early stoppage, bad officiating, and demand an immediate rematch. Machida fell on his face because he chose not to tap, it's like saying oh Mir should have stopped right before Nog's arm started to break. Jones job was to lock the submission on, Machida's job was to admit that it was a successful submission.

Regardless, this, promos, pales in comparison to the assault cases.

I still say Diaz stalking Riggs in the hospital(when he has an IV in) and urinal and calling for a fight with another guys genitals are out id say covers most unsportsmanlike and disrespectful act. You are talking about serious premeditation and constant action for what an hour maybe two.


After the Ref stops the fight thats all there is to it. It was obvious Machida was out.

And how is saying he could have held on to the limp body until the referee grabs Machida like saying Mir should have stopped before Nogs arm started to break???

I think you are seriously confused. No one is saying Jones should have let go of the submission before the ref called the fight OR that Mir should have let go of the arm before the ref called the fight.
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