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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
i can agree with this to a certain extent. the problem im having is the notion that jones could just flip the switch off in terms of aggression. yes it is physically possible that he could have stopped machida from falling, but is it reasonable to think jones was in a state of mind to do so? literally right before machida goes limp jones is trying to harm machida, and i dont expect anyone to be able to switch gears into concerned comrade that quickly.
I know what you mean, and that's one of the reasons I phrased my first sentence the way I did. However, we've scene fighters make that switch in the cage before. Stann vs Sakara, for example.

Some fighters can make the switch, most of them can't (or won't.) I think when a fighter does what stann did it shows exceptional sportsmanship, but when a fighter goes all out until the ref pulls him off the other guy (or lets go of him without showing any concern) it's not commendable, but it isn't particularly reprehensible either.

And if you want to criticize Jones, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to things he's said and done that actually deserve criticism.
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