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Originally Posted by xRoxaz View Post
He used to fight under Inoki's brand, but then Machida went back on his word by winning a fight he wasnt supposed to win becuz Inoki put money on the other guy. After Machida won, Inoki punched Machida several times in front of everybody, but Machida didnt go down, he took it like a man so Inoki shook his hand becuz otherwise he would look like a bitch, however after that I heard Inoki didnt want to do anything with Machida "becuz he digraced Japan".

That is some crazy stuff right there. I never followed Pride when it was happening, just watched a score of re-runs later, so I've never been aware of the drama and fight fixing and such. So Inoki was expecting Machida to throw the fight? If that is/was the case then it looks like Inoki was the one who disgraced Japan in that situation. I'm glad things are more legit these days, although I don't think anything is 100%, there is corruption in every institution known to man.
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