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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
You're essentially claiming that fighters who gameplan are mentally weak, which is an absolutely asinine statement. Some of the greatest fighters that this SPORT has ever seen are also some of the best tacticians and strategists as well.

As for your second statement, again, your throwing shit out of your diaper for everyone to smell and as usual your shit reeks. Condit knew that Nick's gameplan was to walk him into the cage and throw punches the entire fight. Why on EARTH would Condit allow himself to be sucked into such a simple strategy that he could easily avoid? Do you think Condit is stupid, or are you THAT biased? I've gone over this countless times before but this is a SPORT and it is absolutely NOT a fight. In a sport, you use tactics and strategy to gain an advantage over your opponent. Can you imagine football, basketball, or even hockey without teams running set plays or using a certain strategy to gain an advantage? Condit knew Diaz was going to try and close the distance and get him against the cage, where Diaz would have the advantage. So Condit pushed Diaz off and went to the center, where HE would have the advantage, just like any logical human being would have done. I'm sooooo sorry that your little Diaz got outsmarted and outclassed by a better fighter, a better man, and a better gameplan. But you need to get the hell over it.

By the way, Condit kept his composure every time Diaz taunted him and made an absolute mockery of the SPORT. And if you want to call Condit mentally broken, look at who acted like a damn two year old after the fight. Hell, look at how Diaz has reacted after every one of his recent losses. Starting fights after fights, in hospitals, throwing tantrums...I've rarely seen grown men throw fits like that, especially someone who claims to be a martial artist, but that's just it. Men of honor like Condit, St. Pierre, Velasquez even your buddy Mauricio Rua are martial artists. Manchildren like Nick Diaz and Quinton Jackson are fighters.
I haven't read this word for word but it looks pretty intense. All I know is I was talking about Carlos Condit, not anyone with a gameplan.

Which by the way is just about EVERYONE, rarely do you see as tragic an example as Condit's last fight.

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