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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
Lots of stats that don't take the variables into account. Smarmy, self deluded condescension. An intensely radiating fear that someone with a ***** might be as good as a man.

Yep it's a Roflcopter post alright.

All you have proven is that my continued belief that sexists are just as ignorant as any racist. And like racists their beliefs say a lot more about them than it does the world.

I'm done in this thread. You have fun making yourself look even more like a complete raving ****tard.
Roflcopter is right, I can't believe anybody is actually arguing that women are as athletic as men. That's like saying 2+2=5, it's just an obvious well-established scientific fact. If you think the only difference between a man and a woman is a penis then you don't know anything, there are tons of hormones and millions of years of evolution that have shaped women and men differently. I know you want to be PC and pretend you live in a fantasy world where women and men are the same thing (why do we even bother with 2 different words?), but you are ignoring reality.
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